Monday, August 17, 2015

Abraham Lincoln, Englishman?

I am still working on a post (or two) about the Abraham Lincoln statue in Lytle Park in Cincinnati and came across this article. It certainly provides information to help my story, but goes far beyond what I need and delves into an interesting view on British memory and perception of Abraham Lincoln during the  era of the World Wars.

This story is really interesting. I have learned about the concept of historical memory in the lad few years since joining the blogosphere, but seeing English views on an American President was new, and quite fascinating, for me. It describes the "cult" of Abraham Lincoln in England, and how some people, in politics and popular culture, tried to use his family history and beliefs as well as English political tradition to portray him as a product of Englandand to create a common bond between the two nations in the first half of the twentieth century., especially during the war years.

It is definitely worth a read.

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