Friday, July 8, 2016

Female soldiers in the Civil War?

This came from the Covington Journal of April 13, 1861 - too soon for it to mention Fort Sumter, but it did include other national news including this interesting note. Women soldiers in the Civil War is not an unknown topic, with many stories of women dressing as men and serving in various armies, but the idea of an organized company of women working as a military unit is new to me. I wonder if this was true and what happened to them, especially once southern troops were mustered into Confederate service instead of state service.

Military Spirit in Mississippi

The Holly Springs (Miss) Herald learns that the county of Chickasaw in that State has already ten companies of volunteer soldiers ready to be mustered into the service of the State. It adds this: in addition to these, the country has a regularly officered and drilled company of young ladies, who have pledged themselves, in the event that the men are called into service, to protect their homes and families during their absence, and see that the crops are properly cultivated and full crops raised not only for the supper of the country, but for the armies of Mississippi. 

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