Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy 225th, Kentucky!

I have not written for a while, but wanted to take some time to commemorate the 225th anniversary of Kentucky's statehood. Kentucky is not the oldest, biggest or most famous state, but it is my home, always has been and likely always will be. My ancestors first came here in the 1820s, so that is almost 200 years of direct association with the state.

Kentucky has a lot of natural beauty and history. Even as I focus this blog on the Civil War, I hope it, anfpd my other social media activities, helps spread the word about this wonderful state.
here is something I wrote for the website of the new Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation, which I have mentioned before.

Most of the books in this article have been mentioned on this blog already, usually in formal reviews, but it does not hurt to mention them again, especially today. They focus on Kentucky's association with the Confederacy and its reputation as a Confederate state, even though Kentucky has never left the Union since becoming a state June 1, 1792. 

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