Thursday, July 22, 2010

CWPT Campaign to save 782 acres at Brandy Station

Here's a link to the announcement at the Civil War Preservation Trust's website.

I received the following announcement (slightly different than at the webpage) about it today via email

Help Save the Brandy Station Battlefield

Save the land where Buford, Rooney Lee, Hampton, and Devin fought
A Can't-Miss Opportunity to Preserve 782 Battlefield Acres
What would you think if I told you that you could help save 782 acres of hallowed ground at the Brandy Station battlefield in Virginia for just $85.68 per acre?
Brandy Station
Help Save Franklin
In a world where CWPT often must pay about $5,000 - $10,000 or more per acre of hallowed ground I've got to tell you that a price of $85.68 per acre gets your attention!
The two parcels that make up this new preservation efforts are highly significant to the Battle of Brandy Station. The northernmost tract is where Gen. John Buford's Federal cavalry fought with Rooney Lee's Confederate troopers. The southern parcel includes land where Federal cavalry under Col. Thomas Devin repeatedly clashed with Confederates led by General Wade Hampton. As historian Bud Hall puts it, “there is no piece of Piedmont plain in Culpeper County that witnessed more infantry and cavalry action than this property.”
Brandy Station 2010 Preservation Campaign
  • Acres: 782 acres
  • CWPT Fundraising Goal: $67,000
  • Match: Roughly $116 to $1
  • Match Sources: Landowner donated conservation easements
For more:
New battle map, historian videos, history articles, and photos online!
In this very extraordinary case at Brandy Station, we have two landowners donating conservation easements on their land directly to the Commonwealth of Virginia.
What this means is that, in return for federal and state tax benefits based on the value of their property, these landowners have forsaken all future development rights to this land meaning, it will be protected just the way it is forever. The funds that CWPT are raising will pay for necessary closing costs, making sure the land is preserved.
Please let me hear back from you as soon as possible, and please accept my deepest thanks for your generosity.
Very sincerely yours,
Jim Lighthizer
Jim Lighthizer
President, CWPT

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