Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr. Lincoln sets a style (cartoon)

Following my previous entry mentioning the anniversary of the famous Grace Bedell letter to Abraham Lincoln encouraging him to grow "whiskers," I just found the following cartoon on page 109 of  Abraham Lincoln: The Year of His Election: A Cartoon History by Albert Shaw (1929, The Review of Reviews Corporation).


  1. Thanks so much for bringing this cartoon to my attention! It has a great Lincoln angle (of course) and also a great patent medicine angle, and that's my FAVORITE combination! The "Whiskeropherous" is almost certainly a play on Barry's "Tricopherous" hair tonic - one of literally hundreds of period hair products. One of my favorites is Bellingham's Onguent which claimed in an ad that Lincoln used their product to grow his whiskers. Well Done! Keep up the GREAT work on the blog! Jim

  2. Thanks for the kind words, and, more importantly for the additional information. "Whiskeropherous" seemed like a weird word for a cartoonist to just make up, but your explanation nails it.


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