Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brief article on emancipation

From the Covington Journal of December 14, 1861, comes this article reprinted from another newspaper. The comments here are similar to Lincoln's thoughts as to why emancipation was not a wise course at this point in the war. The comments about extermination of the black race are more harsh than anything Lincoln believed, far more extreme than his support of colonization. Of course, less than a year later, Lincoln would put less emphasis on the desires of border states like Kentucky and proceed with a plan for emancipation.

The Louisville Democrat is outspoken in opposition to the Cameron scheme of emancipation: 

We speak of it plainly: the scheme for general emancipation or arming the blacks will lose every State in the Union. It would take a standing army of 200,000 men to retain Kentucky in the Union, and then the soldiers would be compelled to aid in exterminating the black race. If they are emancipated, there is but one thing to be done with them: they must be wiped out - utterly obliterated. It must be a merciless, savage extermination of the whole tribe.


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