Monday, February 20, 2012

Perryville Hike on May 5

I highly recommend anybody interested in the Perryville battle, or any history or Civil War enthusiasts/buffs in the region to join this free tour. Here is a link with more details about the when and where.

I was fortunate to take part in the fall hike Darryl led last November and loved it. Kentucky has done an excellent job of maintaining the battlefield, and it is a beautiful park. The views are wonderful and being on the land where the soldiers fought definitely gives a wonderful perspective on some of the challenges the soldiers faced, at least in regards to the many hills and valleys that make up the battlefield.

But I recommend this for more than just the battlefield itself. Darryl is very knowledgeable about the battle and the field itself and manages to put what happened throughout that day of fighting in perspective, pointing out what happened on the land where you are standing while pointing out other sections of the battlefield and how they related to the current position. I visited Perryville in spring of 2010 and enjoyed my walk around the battlefield, but going on an organized tour like this definitely added to the experience, with a lot of details I had forgotten or did not know.

Here is my blog entry including some of my thoughts and pictures from the fall hike.

I'm including again the Civil War Trust's battlefield map of Perryville. Please visit their site to find more details about the most recent preservation efforts at Perryville. The Civil War Trust is an excellent organization that has done a lot of good around the country, including Perryville.

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