Thursday, February 18, 2016

Help Save More Land at Perryville!

It is days like this (or, well, everyday, really) when I wish I had won the Powerball jackpot (but I'm not too greedy - even just 1/2 or 1/3 of it would work. Of course, my odds would have been better had I actually purchased a ticket.)
The Civil War Trust (CWT) announced a new campaign to save 70 more acres at Perryville. This land is the "Western High Water Mark" for the Confederacy. It is also known as the "Goat Farm" for those familiar with the current park. It is a very important piece to preserve for eternity, due to the tough fighting that occurred there, and would continue the outstanding work the CWT and the state of Kentucky have done in preserving so much of the battleground.
Please consider making a donation if you can. Even smaller amounts add up and help this cause.
The Battle of Perryville was already raging when Colonel John Starkweather’s Union brigade pushed its way toward the front. Moving to the Army’s imperiled left flank, Starkweather threw a portion of his brigade into a cornfield, posting his remaining troops behind a stone wall on the last unoccupied piece of ground in that sector of the battlefield. The Yankee colonel knew this ground had to be held "at all hazards."
The Confederate onslaught struck with a fury. General George Maney’s brigade drove the Federals out of the cornfield, only to be met by withering volleys from the Starkweather's reserve. With the Confederate advance now checked, his men leapt from behind the wall and launched a ferocious counterattack, putting Maney’s troops on their heels and bringing the battle to a close on this portion of the field.
Few battlefields are as pristine as Perryville, where rolling fields of Kentucky bluegrass look much like they did in 1862. This is due in large measure to the work you and our members have done to protect this important battlefield, where we have already saved 957 acres. The Civil War Trust now has the opportunity to save an additional 70 acres at Perryville—the very ground where Starkweather's and Maney’s brigades clashed. In addition to being historically significant in its own right, this ground is one of the last pieces of the Perryville battlefield yet to be preserved. Help complete the work we have begun, and save Perryville.

From the Civil War Trust's site, the yellow section is the desired property.

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