Sunday, February 4, 2018

Dave Mowery on Morgan’s Great Raid

Yesterday, I heard David Mowery talk at an event for the Cynthiana Battlefields Foundation about John Hunt Morgan and his Great Raid  of 1863. It was an enjoyable and informative talk and it made me wonder if I had reviewed his book. I remembered reading it, but not reviewing it.

I searched here and found this blurb in a post that included several such brief reviews of  books I read in 2014. I wish I had done a more thorough review of it, but I do remember it as a good book. It is not terribly long, but I definitely recommend it, especially to people interested in Morgan and his career. 

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This is not a long look at the details of every confrontation during this 1863 raid, but is a good overview of the entire raid and provides a nice look at how much ground Morgan, his men and his pursuers covered during these weeks. Mowery's writing is easy to follow and I enjoyed how he described the challenges that those in and against the raid faced. 

Dave is also a fine speaker. He is obviously comfortable giving talks and extremely knowledgeable about Morgan and his career. His presentation moves at a good pace and he does a terrific job of answering questions. (Of course, it helps when the crowd is attentive and asks good questions, like at yesterday’s event.) He is friendly and easy to approach, and his obvious enthusiasm for the subject only makes his presentation even better. 

Dave is a member of the Cincinnati Civil War Round Table as well as the Buffington Island Battlefield Preservation Association, and probably other groups as well. He says he has been to over 600 Civil War battle sites, many not on maps.  If you have the chance to see him speak, take advantage of it. 

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